The Paros Kite Beach Bar/Cafe.

Our beach bar is run by two of the busiest ladies in Paros. Zoe and Eleni offer a vast selection of chilled soft drinks, energy drinks, fresh fruit juices, and every variety of coffee hot or cold. We stock many different brands of beer (mainly greek), cold draught beer and a big selection of wines.

Paros Kite Beach

The ladies also serve many kinds of sandwiches, several kinds of salads, Greek platters with a variety of dishes and many ice creams and desserts.

It’s the perfect place to chill out and relax in between riding sessions, with board games and various types of music to suit the mood!

We also frequently organize events with live bands and DJ sets, weekend parties, full moon parties and Kiteboarding events. Our kiteboarding opening and closing events are well known!

Paros Kite Beach Bar

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