IKO Instructor

IKO level: Level 2 Senior Trainer

Years in kite / Windsurf: 8 years

Teaching experience: 3 years

Why ParosKite: Ideal conditions.Big and well organized school.Beautiful island.

Angelos Vasilakopoulos / IKO Kitesurf instructor

Kites I ride: Slingshot RPM

Style: Freestyle – Waves

Level: Working on the double..

Favorite conditions: Flat water or waves

Favorite spot: Witsands S.A

Angelos Vasilakopoulos / IKO Kitesurf instructor

Describe yourself: I consider myself a hard working person, passionate, committed and with excellent communication skills. I love to be engaged in challenging projects, I also love to work with a huge variety of people and learn the most from them and the feedback they can provide me.

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