IKO Instructor

IKO Level: Level 2

Years in Kite/Windsurf: 2.5

Teaching Experience: 1.5 years

Why Paroskite: It’s… da… BOMB! Need I say more?

Seasons in Paroskite: 1

Students until now: 100+

Kites you ride: K!NN Pro Rider Team

Style: Oh geeze, I wish I could decide! I just started getting into wave riding in Vietnam as the conditions there are perfect for this. Air style and Freestyle are continually pulling me in both directions which I cannot decide, and to top it off the kiting ferry just blessed me with a pair of bindings that I am anxious to get a chance to test out in some flat water soon! So who knows? I like becoming knowledgable in all disciplines.

Level: Advanced

Favourite Conditions: clean glass waves, or clean glass butter-flat water, 20 knot winds

Favourite spot: Sri Lanka, because you can have any combinations of conditions you want at any given time! It’s cheap, chill, and cherished. And Paros, of course, for a phenomenal spot, people, and parties!

Describe your self:  I love life, traveling, exploring, and opening eyes (weather my own or someone else’s)! Negativity can take a back seat any day to… well… any thing else.
I’m a chameleon. At any given point I could be wearing one of 5 or 6 different hats. I hardly ever get to stop, I am on go-go-go mode 24/7, and usually running to get where I need to be. I value relationships in my life and work hard at keeping all people in my life across the world, in my life. I’m a photographer, publicist, kiter, business woman (sometimes) sister, aunt, daughter, friend- and most of all, a beach bum!

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