IKO Instructor

IKO Level: IKO Level 1

Years in Kite/Windsurf: 8 kiting years

Teaching Experience: 2 years experience (1 kite and 1 wakeboard)

Why Paroskite: Because they give me a chance to work in one of the most beautiful places with a fantastic crew

Kites you ride: Core, North

Style: Freeride, wake and a little bit wave

Level: I’ll forever have to learn!

Favourite Conditions: Flat, wave with 20 knots about

Favourite spot: Cearà(Brazil) and Maui(Hawaii)

Describe your self: I can’t live without the nature contact, i love travel and meet new people and cultures.
I get on well with all because i’m sincere, friendly, patient, clever and i always ever been hard-worker in my life and i like to do it in the best way, having fun.

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