IKO Instructor

Florent Greusard

IKO level: Level 1 instructor

Years in kite / Windsurf: 6 years of kitesurfing/snowkiting

Teaching experience: five months of teaching in Cabarete

Seasons in Paroskite: Since 2014

Why ParosKite: I will love to work for Paroskite because it’s a big school, with many studentes coming for learning and having fun, or even having fun learning ! The place looks great and the wind conditions are amazing. Also the staff team seems to be very friendly ! Of course the weather is warm witch is a good point of satisfaction to me. I’m always excited to discover new destinations and meet different people, culture, language and ways of living.

Florent Greusard

Kites I ride: I ride ozone C4 11m and 7m

Style: oldschool, newschool, strapless wave riding and freestyle, foil

Level: Medium

Favourite conditions: 25nd 11m2 flat water or 25-30nd 7m2 strapless 2m of wave

Favorite spot: Las Terrenas (republica dominicana)

Describe yourself: If i had to describe myself i woud say that i’m friendly, honnest, curiose, smillinf and quite always in a good mood and patiente with my students and with others. Until now i had different kind of students (different ages, level, capacity…).I always try to be as close as possible to their willings and adapte myself the best way to the situations.


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