IKO Instructor

Francois Berck

IKO level: IKO Level 1

Years in kite / Windsurf: 4 years kiteboarding experience

Teaching experience:  1 season and more as an assistant

Why Paroskite:  Paroskite because I heard so many good things about the center, the spot is amazing, the water is hot and the island life is really cool!

Seasons in Paroskite:  First season with Paroskite

Francois Berck

Students until now: +/- 150

Kites I ride: I ride Slingshot RPM and North Vegas

Style: New school

Level: Never good enough so I’m working on it

Favourite conditions:  25 knots and hot water

Favorite spot:  Dakhla

Describe yourself:  I’m a friendly, self-motivated and open-minded person. I try to enjoy the life as much as possible. I love traveling and meeting new cultures. I quitted my office job to do what makes me happy.

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