IKO Instructor

IKO level: 2

Kite: 3 years

Windsurf: 6 years

Why parosike: Great spot, great school, Awesome wind

Seasons in Paroskite: 2

Kites I ride: Best GP 7 & 9m and Nobile 50fifty 140×40

Style: Freestyle/Freeride

Level: Advanced

Favourite conditions: Warm and windy. Flat with kickers like Paroskite!

Favourite spot: Paros Greece and Boracay Island-Union Bay

Myself: I am a 26 y/o New Zealander who has been backpacking the last couple of years with my wife Laura travelling 5 months through Asia and another year in Europe trying new cultures and hitting all the local kitespots. We are now gonna settle in the UK and use that as a base to travel a few more european spots. I kite to have fun and not to be too competitive. whether its kiting or windsurfing even paddleboarding I love being on the water.

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