Head Instructor

Instructor level: IKO Level 2

Years in kite / Windsurf: 5+ years Kiting

Teaching experience: 3+ years teaching kiteboarding

Seasons in Paroskite: First one 2016

Why Paroskite: I wanted to join an awesome team where I could learn and gain valuable experience as an instructor. Have always heard great things about kiting in Paros and of ParosKite’s awesome team and school. Super excited to join the team.

Kites I ride: North Dice and Cabrinha FX

Style: Freeride, taking first steps into Freestyle and Waves.

Level: Intermediate

Favourite conditions: 20 knot winds, waves or flat. Being in the middle of nowhere riding in a new spot.

Favorite spot: Punta Gallinas, Colombia and Los Roques, Venezuela

Describe yourself: Easy going and laid back. I am very patient and love teaching and spreading the kite stoke to my student. I used to work in an advertising agency before deciding that there is more to life than sitting in an office. Love to travel, learn and absorb new cultures and meet great people along the way.

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