IKO Instructor

IKO Level: level 2

Years in Kite/Windsurf: 6 / 23

Teaching Experience: PAROS KITEBOARDING CENTER / official iko resort ID:210

Konstantinos Pardalis / IKO instructor

Why Paroskite: Very good facilities, great organization.

Seasons in Paroskite: Since 2012

Students until now: 240

Kites you ride: Best & Cabrinha

Style: (wakestyle freeride)

Level: (big airs, rotations)

Favourite Conditions: (up to 23 knots)

Favourite spot: (winter time/Golden beach, summer time/Paroskite)

Describe your self: (Unconditional, special, feisty, demanding, occasionally fond of chaos. Discreet, diplomatic, enigmatic, communicative, fond of novel ideas and pioneer thinking and acting)

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