Center Manager

Years Kiting: 9

Teaching Experience: I prefer to be taught instead of teaching … much easier!

Why Paroskite: perfect conditions, totally safe place, amazing people to work with, lots of friends kiting with you, Antiparos nearby… Shall i go on?

Seasons in Paroskite: It hasn’t been one year since I started kiting, that I haven’t come to Paroskite …

Kites you ride: Best kites, Best kites and … Best kites !!

Style: still experimenting and trying to decide

Level: Intermediate last time I checked

Favorite Conditions: up to 5 kites in the water, lots of sun and nice wind

Favorite spot: Taranaki New Zealand and Paroskite of course!

Describe yourself: No, i won’t. Come and meet me in person. I will be here welcoming you to Paroskite and making sure that you have the best time while u are with us! When you come just look for Maria.

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