Kitesurf Instructor

Instructor level: Assistant Instructor Trainer

Years in kite / Windsurf: 11 years Kitesurfing

Teaching experience: 4 Years as kitesurf, surf & SUP instructor in different spots of europe and south america

Seasons in Paroskite: First one 2017

Why Paroskite: Because it’s a very organized shool and the spot is perfect for all the levels, plus the lifestyle !!!

Kites I ride: Cabrinha, Best, Liquid Force, North, Ozone

Style: Freestyle,  wave riding

Level: Advanced

Favourite conditions: Good wind, flat water or waves between 1 and 2 mt

Favorite spot: Isla Cristina(Spain), Tarifa ( Spain), Caboblanquillo ( Peru)

Describe yourself: I am a responsible, cheerful, tolerant person. I am pleased to see how students progress in a sport that they can practice for the rest of their lives safely thanks to the good base they obtained


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