IKO Instructor

Years in Kite: 8 years

Teaching Experience: 5 years

Why Paroskite: If every kiters arround the world speak about ParosKite spot is for something…….I have to come!!!!!!!!

Seasons in Paroskite: Since 2014

Students until now: Arround 200

Kites you ride: Cabrinha, ADI

Style: Old School

Level: Level? I never finish to learn!!!!!

Favourite Conditions: 20 knots, flat and hot water

Favourite spot: Phan Rham (Vietnam),at the moment, but Pounta looks very good, Maybe I change my opinion soon!!!!

Describe your self: I love travel, know different cultures, enjoy my life, find new people, new friends.
The most important in my life….be happy!!!!……….one of the best ways to do that is be Kiter!!!! Are you ready to change your world?

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