Kitesurf Instructor

Instructor level: IKO Level 2

Years in kite / Windsurf: 12+ years in kite

Teaching experience: 5+ seasons

Why ParosKite: because the team is the best , the spot is perfect for kiting , and PAROSKITE is fully fully organised in working and teaching conditions, with the newest equipment every year!

Kites I ride: slingshoot

Style: old school , wakestyle and kiteloops

Level: Always in progress

Favorite conditions: flat waters

Favorite spot: my homespot Raches in mainland Greece

Describe yourself: I always love to have hobbies because i am enegretic (some of them snowboarding, wakeboarding, climbing, kitesurf, running, parashooting). I am an easy and cool person that gives me the confidence to succeed my targets in life .

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