Kitesurf Instructor

Instructor level: IKO Level 2

Years in kite / Windsurf: 9+ years Kiting

Teaching experience: 6 years, 4 continents, 8 countries

Seasons in Paroskite: First one 2017

Why Paroskite: I Paroskite because i love Greece and greek people, Aegean sea is beautiful, and Paros is probably the most steady windy spot during “Meltemi” season

Stephan (Gill)

Kites I ride: I Ride Slingshot RPM and F-One Bandit

Style: Old school, odd school, new school 🙂

Level: Not bad for an old dog like me i think..

Favourite conditions: 5 knots on flat water with a 12 m2 for training nu school or 25+ knots with a 9 or 7…

Favorite spot: Vella island, Sri Lanka

Describe yourself: much more patiant with students than with myself…

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