IKO Instructor

IKO Level: L2+

Years in Kite/Windsurf: kiting 8 years

Teaching Experience:
since 2008

Why Paroskite:
because of the wind and the crew

Seasons in Paroskite:

Students until now:

Kites you ride:
 currently Best GP’s from George but i still ride my flexifoil hadlow”s, board i ride Best Profanity 138 & 142 with bindings. and wake skates

wake & skate


Favourite Conditions:
butter flat & parks

Favourite spot:
Paroskite & L.A.

Describe your self:

I love riding boots and skate. Riding in low to moderate winds is tha best but would never say no to strong winds and a surfboard. Anything that feels good doing is worth trying. Fave spot chalkida L.A. with sallow water and perfect kickers.

kitesurfing lessons