IKO Instructor

23 year old Zuza was a very keen volleyball player until she discovered kitesurfing 3 years ago. Now she has her sights firmly set on becoming the first female IKO Training Master. When Zuza can put her books down, she loves learning new school tricks in strong flat water conditions. Zuza also likes snowboaring, horse riding and snowkiting close to her home in Warsaw, Poland.

IKO Level: instructor level 2, ID 8786

Years in Kite/Windsurf: since 2008

Teaching Experience: short lines, short+extensions, long lines, teaching in both borderline light (8-11knt) and borderline strong (28-35knt) winds with all wind directions except offshore, worked with Cabrinha, Nobile and Best Kiteboarding equipment so far

Why Paroskite: awesome school, awesome people, awesome wind! What else do you need

Seasons in Paroskite: two seasons so far

Students until now: 68 registered as IKO instructor and more before that

Kites you ride: C-shape kites whenever I can! Best Kiteboarding GP 2012 (awesome C-shape kite no matter the size). I also have a Nobile NHP twintip and Nobile skimboard.

Style: freestyle and occasionally faceplant-crash-disaster style

Level: hooked-in&unhooked tricks, able to teach all IKO levels

Favourite Conditions: 18-23knts with flat water or small kickers. Or whatever else, as long as I can ride!

Favourite spot: Paros of course, why do you guys think I’ve been coming here for 2 years in a row now

Describe your self: Kite-obsessed, travel-loving, Polish above all, with sand in every one of my bags. Taking photos, walking back streets, eating local food and smiling way too much. As of now on a lifetime adventure traveling the world and teaching kitesurfing!

check me out: http://www.facebook.com/ikiteit and http://ikiteit.wordpress.com/

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