O’NEILL Reactor

  • Reactor 3/2Reactor 3/2
  • Reactor 2mm SpringReactor 2mm Spring

Get a full dose of performance technology at an incredible value. The Reactor Series utilizes our exclusive FluidFlex™ in the shoulder and sleeves, a fully adjustable super seal neck, and Krypto Knee Padz.

O’NEILL Hammer

  • Hammer 3/2Hammer 3/2
  • Hammer L/s SpringHammer L/s Spring
  • Hammer S/s SpringHammer S/s Spring
  • Hammer ShortyHammer Shorty

The Hammer Series has a suit nailed for every condition. From the Hammer Full to the Hammer Vest, the Series maintains exceptional styling, fit and unrestricted movement in each style with 100% Super Stretch materials

O’NEILL Gooru Gbs

  • Gooru Gbs 3/2 FullGooru Gbs 3/2 Full
  • Gooru Gbs 2mm S/s FullGooru Gbs 2mm S/s Full
  • Gooru Gbs 2mm L/s SpringGooru Gbs 2mm L/s Spring
  • Gooru Gbs S/s SpringGooru Gbs S/s Spring

True to the goo this series is constructed with buttery UltraFlex DS, light and flexible GBS seams, Lumbar Seamless Design (LSD), unfinished cuffs, and Krypto Knee Padz. The light weight, quality materials and attention to detail make this series a team inspired favorite. a team inspired favorite.

O’NEILL Superfreak F.u.z.e.

  • Superfreak F.u.z.e. Zip 3/2mmSuperfreak F.u.z.e. Zip 3/2mm
  • Superfreak F.u.z.e. Zip 4/3mmSuperfreak F.u.z.e. Zip 4/3mm
  • Superfreak F.u.z.e. Entry 2mm S/s SpringSuperfreak F.u.z.e. Entry 2mm S/s Spring

After the success of the F.U.Z.E entry in the Psycho RG8 series in 2010, O’Neill’s Area 52 team developed the same entry for our new SuperFreak series of wetsuits in 2011. With GBS seam construction and a super-flexible combination of UltraFlex DS and FluidFlex™ materials, the SuperFreak keeps the water out and keeps you warm like no other wetsuit ever offered at this price level. One more freak of nature for your enjoyment from your friends at O’Neill.

O’NEILL Mutant

  • Mutant 4/3mmMutant 4/3mm
  • Mutant 5/4mmMutant 5/4mm

Accept no limitations. O’Neill’s unique Modular Closure system makes the Mutant the most versatile wetsuit in our line. Now with an easier entry and new graphics. The Mutant is built with UltraFlex DS, UltraFlex Firewall and our all new FluidFlex™ neoprene technology, making the Mutant warmer and more flexible than ever before. Two suits in one, now do some work son.

O’NEILL Psycho I

  • Psycho I Zen Zip Fsw 3/2mmPsycho I Zen Zip Fsw 3/2mm
  • Psycho I Zen Zip Fsw 4/3mmPsycho I Zen Zip Fsw 4/3mm

The Psycho 1 is the ultimate high-performance cold water wetsuit. Ultra gooey double-lined UltraFlex DS with ultra-minimal seam styling offers unrestricted mobility, enhanced durability and incredible fit. The Psycho 1 will raise your performance level to new heights.

O’NEILL Psycho Rg8

  • Psycho Rg8 Fsw 3/2mmPsycho Rg8 Fsw 3/2mm
  • Psycho Rg8 Fsw 4/3mmPsycho Rg8 Fsw 4/3mm
  • Psycho Rg8 Fsw 5/4mm HoodedPsycho Rg8 Fsw 5/4mm Hooded

The Psycho RG8 Series takes the best aspects of our incredible Zen-Zip closure found in our Psycho wetsuits and uses this same technology in a front-zip entry. The new 2011 F.U.Z.E. closure system is an easier entry & exit, along with added warmth using RG8- Air Firewall. Tested by O’Neill’s most intense team riders in the most frigid waters across the globe. PROJECT RE•GENERATE O’Neill first began incorporating recycled plastics and bottles into our RG8 Series Wetsuits and Lycra UV products in 2009.


  •   Psycho III 3/2mmPsycho Iii 3/2mm
  •   Psycho III 4/3mmPsycho Iii 4/3mm

The Psycho 2 was known for warmth, flexibility and superior fit. For 2012 it’s evolved into the totally mental Psycho 3. We’ve upgraded to the exclusive TechnoButter Neoprene. Combined with XDS-Air Firewall in the Chest and back, and Double Super Seam Weld, will keep you warm and loose. The latest evolution from Area 52 continues to be an industry leader and keeps you performing at the top of your game.

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