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News & Events

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18 January 2019

Discover Kitesurfing Beginner Level with Paros Kite

Discover Kitesurfing Beginner Level with Paros Kite. Hello to happy people again, I hope you all did party hard the night of our party. Paros Kite was delighted to celebrate 25 years anniversary of ParosWindsurf. Besides an opportunity for Kitesurfers and …

30 July 2018

Happy July! Meltemi is highly activated over Paroskite! Time for lessons and fun!

Paroskite is mainly powered by Meltemi. Meltemi is the happiness for all kiters. Visit Paroskite for Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing and lessons.

27 April 2018

25 years Paroswindsurf Party

Paroswindsurf is getting older and is celebrating! 25 years of wind, thousands of happy people, 1 big birthday party!