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Windsurf gear at Paros Kite

Windsurf Gear


Windsurf boards available at Paros Kite

Chameleon LTD 90lt, 110lt
StyleWave 86lt, 95lt, 103lt, 113lt
REVO 115lt, 125lt
EVO 125lt, 145lt, 165lt
Primo 165lt, 200lt

Established in 2008, with over 30 years of experience on the shoulders, today, NoveNove, is a symbol of a “quality and performance board company”.

NoveNove is a connection between people and history. The brand has a clear and strong aim focused on a promising future. Its hard-working and great team have dedicated their energy and their passions into this mission.
It is a perfect blend of artists, technicians, riders, and professionals who are giving 100% every day to contribute only their best to our project.

Cesare’s technical background and designing experience whilst being directly involved in the graphics and product developments, is supported by excellent shapes and a team of professional riders. All working closely together in a unified manner, thus allowing any level of piloting in any conditions “to be in the driver’s seat”.

Point 7 sails - Paroskite


Windsurf sails available at Paros Kite

SALT 4m to 5.6m
SALT Campelo LTD 4.2m to 5.6m
ACF 5.4m to 7.5m
ACX 7.0m to 8.5m
SKOOL 2m to 4.5m

Point-7 being the score of the winner in the windsurfing competition scenery is the essential soul of the company. This was proven by winning the PWA slalom world Championship, The PWA Constructor Slalom World Championships, and winning and reaching podiums in both wave and freestyle disciplines. Not just winning on competition fields, but a winning passion in creating a product to be a unique masterpiece with implemented Italian design.

The goal to propose a difference on the market: winning performance, great quality at a fair price. A professional product that delivers every time.

Founded in 2007 by Andrea Cucchi, always involved in windsurfing business, starting from his professional career as a pro rider where he obtained 13 national champion titles and 2 world titles.



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